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Which clothes are best to paint on for BEGINNERS and what pattern to choose?

You’ve seen somebody wearing painted clothes, loved it, but never dared to do so yourself... And now you really want to try, but don’t know where to begin. What to do? How to start?!

Let me help you!

I’ll say right away though, if you have no art education, can hardly draw or can do it only on paper – IT DOESN’T MATTER. If you do everything right, it will all work out.

To begin with, you need fabric paints and brushes, that's the main thing (I tell all about them here in my blog).

In terms of clothes I recommend starting like this:

✔️ cotton T-shirt

✔️ cotton shirt, dress

✔️ denim (jeans, skirts, etc)

✔️further, if you know how and with what materials, try painting on leather (leather jackets, sneakers, boots)

✔️ the most tricky ones are wool, synthetics and velvet. You need to have a knack there.

Why do I suggest using a T-shirt for your first project? Because it’s the simplest fabric to paint on. It does not absorb gallons of paint, it’s easy & smooth for brush application.

You will be able to practice some basic technology of painting on fabric, and in general, it will let you understand how much you enjoy the process. And if you did like it, then later move on to other types of fabric.

What to draw to start off with fabric painting?

Initially, your reference picture should be simple, not complex, with features and shapes that are easy to understand. Best choice will be some kind of graphic style (illustrations like cartoon characters, simply filled with color).

I wouldn’t recommend working with stencils without some experience. You need to know how to work with them first, if paint was applied in a wrong way, it can flow under the stencil and ruin the intended shape of design.

❌ avoid realistic pictures. As a beginner you might not be able to shade paint evenly, and the process might simply upset you.

❌ choose designs of moderate size to make the process enjoyable. You need to be able to complete your first project and see the result as soon as possible, to feel your achievement. A4 format will do.

MAKE SURE you’re in the mood to create! Block some time for your creative process, preferably 2-3 hours for 1 T-shirt. This will let you take your time and enjoy the flow of art.

The key is not to rush, think less & surrender to the process.

Maybe your work will become an unforgettable gift?

Is there anyone here who wants to learn how to paint on clothes?

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yess, I also started from Tshirts. Love the content, post more !

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