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Elena Fabric Painting Coach

Fabric Painting Coach

Hello Dear Friends and Welcome!

My name is Elena, I'm a certified art therapist and an advocate of textile art.

I've created this online platform to support everyone who wants to learn fabric painting the right way, by having a proper guidance from the start.

I believe in open education, that's why I felt it is important to give everybody a chance to learn the basics of textile art for free in the most detailed online course "Fabric Painting Foundations".

As I've been going through the learning curve on my own, 8 years ago, it was hard to find people to exchange experience with. This has inspired creation of a classic kind of space for discussions like Fabric Painting FORUM.

I can't be happy enough about how much value and motivation one can get from getting in touch with fellow artists!

Learning to paint on fabric is a wonderful hobby, which so many have already turned into a reliable source of income. Here in THE BLOG you will be able to find all sorts of useful articles about the ways our lifestyle can be improved with arts.

I invite you to:

  • Sign Up and become a Member of this platform

  • learn from courses and be awarded with Student Badges of success

  • participate in Forum discussions and allow yourself to immerse into an inspiring community!


Thank you for your time. Hone your creativity and make the most of new skills!



Please get in touch with us for more information or if you have any questions.

Thanks for submitting!

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