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Painted clothes vs ones with print

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Why to PAINT on clothes if you could simply make/buy one with a PRINT?

Here are some reasons why:

👌You can ALWAYS tell a hand painted illustration from a printed one. Painted design gets to have more texture, spontaneous colors, I'd even say "freedom" because of variety of artistic elements like separate brush strokes, splatters and many more, which are simply unachievable by machine printing.

👌 A design created with hand of a person skilled in textile painting will stay on clothes in its initial shape (without cracking, peeling off or fading out) much longer than if you buy a garment with print from most retailer shops.

👌Artist can literally tailor make and tweak any illustration to create a truly unique piece.

👌And of course the ENERGY! When things are singularly created, not mass produced, i believe, they have something that can only be received from art - the emotion. For the one who creates and all those who get to own it...

Do you have anything else to add to this list?

The truth is some artists, while already being in business of customization, still can't answer this question with confidence...Hence, their potential customers are also not convinced about the value of owning an artwork.

If you've already ever been painting on fabric, just ask yourself that same question: WHY DO YOU PREFER PAINTED CLOTHES OVER PRINTED ONES?

You can share it in comments.


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