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Review of Pebeo Setacolor: Pros & Cons

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

French brand Pebeo has one of the biggest choice of products for fabric decoration.

Pebeo Setacolor Opaque fabric paint initiation set

The series specific for fabric is called Setacolor. It’s got hundreds of shades and textures to help us create on fabric:

For those who'd like to just introduce themselves to this brand, the good news is, Pebeo has created initiation set (beginner kit) of every type of paint from Setacolor line. You can learn more about them and other beginner sets of paints from Lesson #8 of an open online course "Fabric Painting Foundations".

PROS: What's good about Pebeo fabric paint?

I would highlight such winning features of Pebeo Setacolor as:

  • It’s got a fantastic choice of products and color palette

  • Painted design turns out much softer compared to many other brands

  • All paints are highly pigmented. Colors remain bright even when significantly diluted with water

  • It can be used on most fabrics, including synthetics!

  • All Setacolor products can be easily mixed with each other to create even broader color palette and unique texture.

Download PDF • 2.09MB

In this downloadable PDF file you can find an entire range of Setacolor art materials.


Join an open online course "Fabric Painting Foundations". It's FREE for anyone who's willing to get a proper skill & guidance in the art fabric painting.


CONS: What's not so good about this fabric paint?

While in general Pebeo Setacolor could be considered as one of the best fabric paints out there, it's still got some downsides as well:

  • it's not easily accessible in some countries

  • it's got a noticeable paint smell, which takes time to get used to

  • there's some controversy about the black paint from Setacolor Opaque series. Black color, when applied as a top layer sometimes washes off (each new jar needs to be tested). Read below on how to tackle this issue

Next video is a contest.

You can see for yourself how different two opaque fabric paint brands can be. Also there's a detailed demonstration of color brightness and softness of black fabric painted with Pebeo Setacolor Opaque fabric paint.

Useful Tips: working with Pebeo Setacolor

Tip #1. Pay attention to the sticker each time before use or purchase: it’s easy to confuse the type or effect of your intended paint jar.

Here's a play: three yellows - find a difference :)

How many times did I pick up Setacolor Suede Effect instead of Opaque!!!

Tip #2. Black color paint from Setacolor Opaque series sometimes washes off when applied as an overcoat. Instead you can use the black color from series for Light Fabrics or mix it up by yourself (equal amount of red+blue+yellow). Setacolor Opaque black paint performs great, though, if applied directly on fabric.

Tip #3. Pebeo paints are rather flexible. To get the best out of their performance BE GENEROUS in it's application. This paint will not crack but will slightly stretch (!) wherever there are two or more layers. Just make sure you are applying each layer evenly, not leaving the spots uncovered.

Next video is a part of a free course "Fabric Painting Foundations" - it gives a quick visual overview of Pebeo Setacolor, paint color swatches and a laundry crash-test of a cotton fabric painted with Setacolor Transparent fabric paint.

I hope this review was of a good use to you. Share your thoughts, experiences or questions here or start a new Discussion related to clothes customization and fabric painting with a click of a button on our Forum. Cheers!


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