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Kreul Javana Fabric Paint for Light colored textiles. Test & Review

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Hello dear Friends!

Some of you may have heard of a German brand KREUL, which offers a range of art materials, including those for painting on fabric. If you haven't, then today you're in for an interesting tour. Willkommen!

I'm not gonna go on much about the brand in general, though. Today I'll show you my findings about it's line of fabric paints dedicated for use on light colored textiles, called Javana.

kreul javana fabric paint for light fabrics review stoffmalfarbe fur helle stoffe

I've tested the 6 color fabric paint set, which includes 20ml glass jars with the following shades: Citron (citrus yellow), Karminrot (crimson red), Royalblau (royal blue), Dunkelbraun (brown), Schwarz (black). Note: this set doesn't have a WHITE paint.


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Overall it's a good fabric paint. If you have an access to buy it or just curious to see it in action, watch this fabric painting process of Grinch on a grey cotton jersey, while I'm explaining the specifics of work with Javana fabric paint for Light colored textiles.

And then come back to read below my conclusions (pros & cons).

Visit the link below to download PDF with brand’s range of colors and products for fabric decoration and a free printable sketch, if you want to repeat this illustration.

KREUL Javana info
Download PDF • 3.26MB
The Grinch Sketch
Download DOCX • 63KB

Javana Fabric Paint for Light textiles: Review & Lecture notes


  • good pigmentation and light fastness

  • water resistant, OK for laundry with regular detergent

  • easy to work with for solid covering of large areas, spreads well on fabric

  • it's available in variety of sizes: 20ml, 50ml, 500ml - good for trying and for seasoned Javana enthusiasts!


  • paint dries up on palette to fast, which makes it hard to make fine lines

  • not accessible in variety in many countries

  • white paint should be purchased separately, if you're buying a set of paint jars.

My opinion is that the list of Cons is not that strong. Javana for light fabrics paint has indeed a good performance, and if you can find it sold in your country, I would definitely recommend you to try it.

Oh, and if you do, make sure to share your work with the Fabric Painting community here on Forum and on Instagram: tag @fabric_painting_coach.

Where to buy Kreul Javana fabric paint?

Many of you have asked me where Javana paints can be ordered from, and as I've mentioned earlier, they're scarcely stocked around the world.

At some point I've contacted Kreul representatives about whether they have official distributors in North America, the answer was that they don't have any. But so far we still can find Javana fabric paint in limited variety on Amazon.

Here are some of my findings:

Before I publish a complete overview of Kreul Javana fabric art materials as well as a separate paint test for their Opak series, you might find it interesting to watch a comparative test of regular acrylics vs Javana Opak (for light & dark textiles) on a pair of denim trousers.


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hey Elena, thanks!...grinch painting is so cool, I don't know if i can repeat it like this(( But paint looks so soft, I want it.. where can I buy it from? thx Err

Gefällt mir
 Elena FPC
Elena FPC
03. Juni 2021
Antwort an

Thanks Err! Kreul Javana brand is not very well distributed in shops around the world, though it is available on Amazon sometimes.

Check online in your local art supply shops as well by typing the title of paint Kreul Javana for Light fabrics (or in German) plus your locale (city, country) and see the results.

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